Health Coaching partnership at CycleQuest Studio

by admin on February 5, 2013

Health CoachingPlease welcome our new holistic health coach, Kimberly Sheppard, to CycleQuest Studio! She is excited to get to know you and support you in meeting your health goals. She has received her training through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and also has a Master’s Degree in physical therapy from Mayo. We welcome you to join our health coaching group, which will meet 2 days/month on Tuesdays for 6 months, starting March 19th.

Cost is $60/person/month.

A health coaching group is a wonderful way to gain the support, accountability, and information you need to achieve optimal health and happiness! We will focus on your triumphs, what is working for you, and what is new and good in your life.

  • Are kale and quinoa mysteries for you? Learn how to prepare delicious, healthy foods quickly and easily.
  • Learn how to balance and nurture your life so food and exercise flow naturally.
  • Learn how to make gradual and sustainable improvements in your lifestyle to improve focus, feel alive and be full of energy!
  • Eat healthy foods with joy instead of pain!
  • Learn how to avoid sugar crashes and to stabilize your blood sugar.
  • Improve your sleep and reduce illnesses.
  • Improve your self image and outlook.

Please visit Kimberly’s website at

For more information contact or

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