Customer Rewards Program

Starting Saturday 3/26/11 – This new customer rewards program (similar to how frequent flyer miles work with credit cards) has just been implemented right in MindBody Online. CycleQuest Studio is always looking for new ways to grow our customer base and word of mouth through our existing customers has been the most effective marketing tool. This program is being implemented as an incentive for our current customer base to continue to refer us to their friends family and coworkers.

Current customers can earn rewards points for referring new clients that take their First Class Free at the studio. 

Earning Customer Referral Rewards Points

Refer new customer – 5 points (new customer is defined as an adult over the age of 18 that is new to CycleQuest Studio and does not already have an account created in MindBody Online).

  • 1 rewards point has the equivalent class package purchase value of $1.
  • Minimum points to redeem – There is no minimum. Rewards Points can be redeemed during Checkout of purchasing a class package. If Rewards Points don’t cover the whole sale then the sale can be split between Rewards Points and another payment method.
  • To earn the customer referral your referred customer must specify your name during their MindBody Online account creation under Select Referral Type/Other.
  • Referred customers points are reflected in your MindBody account under My Info/My Account.
  • Referred customer points will be applied to your account within 48 hours of new referred customer specifying your name during their account creation.

Redeeming Customer Rewards Points and Credits for class package purchase

  • Rewards Points and Credit Dollars earned can be viewed in your MindBody Online account under My Account.
  • IMPORTANT – Reward Points and Credit Dollars can not be redeemed together in the same purchase. This is a limitation of MindBody Online.
  • When your class purchase item is added to your cart your Rewards Points and Credit Dollars available are listed at the top of the Retail Point of Sale Screen. Available Points and Credit are not used by default during checkout. Determine if you want to use Rewards or Credit and select Yes for the one you want to use for the purchase.
  • Purchases made with Rewards Points can not be discounted. If you have a promotional discount or promo code applied to your account that discount will not be applied when Reward Points are used. Use Reward Points when the cost savings is to your advantage compared to the promotional discount.

******* Customer Rewards Program subject to change *******