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by admin on October 8, 2014

IMG_1051Looking for a convenient and affordable way to get your bike repaired or tuned up?


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Often it can take a week or more to get your bike serviced at the local bike shop. You rarely get to talk personally to the mechanic that does the maintenance and good luck in having them show and explain to you beforehand the exact repairs that need to be done.

Mobile Bike Repair

The ultimate convenience is not having the hassle of loading your bike(s) into your vehicle and taking it to the bike shop to get service done and being without your bike for an extended period of time. I will make a house call bringing a bike stand and tools to your home when it best fits your schedule. Have all the bikes in your household repaired at the same time for the same hourly fee.


Mobile “house call” basic bike maintenance

  • Tire repair
  • Brake and shifting adjustments
  • Basic tune-up
  • Lube and cleaning
  • Handlebar tape
  • Wheel true
  • New bike unbox and setup

In-depth repairs and service

  • Bottom bracket maintenance
  • Wheel hub maintenance
  • Complete bike and component overhaul
  • Component upgrade or replacement

Bike fit

  • Comfort and efficiency is key to your own personal correct position on your bike.
  • Saddle, handlebar, brakes levers, stem, shoes cleat and pedals all need to be considered.
  • I’ve setup thousands of customers on indoor cycling bikes over the years and will make sure your bike is setup properly for you.

Bike assembly

  • Did you get a great deal on a bike you purchased off of the interne?.
  • Don’t of the tools or experience safely putting together your new bike or your kids new bike?
  • I’ll come to your house and assembly your new bike in a timely manner and make sure it is adjusted to properly you for comfort and efficiency.


  • Friendly – hang around and chat with me as I fix your bike and show you how to fix it yourself if you’re interested.
  • Trustworthy – you won’t be charged for unneeded services or parts.
  • Quality service – your bike will be treated like it’s my own.
  • Affordable pricing – for the personal touch and house call, certainly cheaper than the local bike shops.
  • Most repairs are completed same day or at most in 1-3 days, so your bike will be ready to ride when you are ready.
  • No space for a house call? I will pick up your bike at your house and bring it back when it’s fixed ($15 travel charge each way).
  • Emergency repairs can often be done “on the spot” while you wait.
  • You can get to know your mechanic, and get tips on taking care of your bike.
  • Get an honest estimate of the cost of repairs, no matter what condition your bike is in.
  • Pricing is comparable or less expensive than retail bike shop rates.

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“I was needing repair on my bike and wasn’t really wanting to take my bike to a shop for repair, so I really liked the idea of having Joe work on it. I knew that he had done this before for customers, family and friends and was sure he could figure it out. He was fast, efficient, and explained what the problem was and what he did to repair it. Excellent work in a timely manner! Thanks Joe!” ~ Diane E.

“Joe initially came to our house to fix my husband’s bike but while there we decided my bike could also use a tune up. The convenience of having Joe at our home saved us the hassle of delivering both bikes to the shop. He had all the necessary parts and his prices were far more reasonable than other repair shops we have used.” ~ Tracy S.

“Recently CycleQuest completed a basic tuneup on my road bike. Wow, your service was amazing and the tuneup makes my bike look and feel like new.Thank you! You exceeded my expectations.” ~ Amy H.
“Rather than take my bikes to the bike shop for the end of season tune up, I took both bikes to Joe.  I am very happy with Joe’s work. . .and here’s why:”
1. ” Joe didn’t laugh or roll his eyes when I explained the various creaks and noises I was hearing.  He asked good follow up questions, and the creak no longer exists (Usually don’t get to talk to the mechanic at the bike shop)”
2.  “My bike wasn’t shifting quite right, so I asked Joe if I should upgrade the shifting.  He checked it out, cleaned the bike, did some basic maintenance and assured me that no upgrade was needed.  (The bike shop would have recommended the upgrade)”
3.  “Joe customizes his pricing to address the things that need attention on the bike.  Both of my bikes are ready to ride next spring. . .for the price that I would have paid for one bike at the bike shop I highly recommend that you bring your bike to Joe for your bike maintenance!” ~ Barb H.



Click here to visit the new updated CycleQuest Mobile Bike Repair website and learn about Zwift Online Coaching

$10 travel fee for all mobile house call bike repairs outside of the Northwest Twin Cities area

Hourly labor rate: $60 – then $15 for every 15 minutes over one hour
Minimum service charge: $60
Install inner tube or tire
Adjust external gear shifting, front or back, simple
Adjust (straighten) bent derailleur hanger
Replace bar tape
Adjust rim brakes, front or back
Adjust mechanical disc brake
Adjust headset
Adjust bottom bracket
Adjust front hub
Adjust rear hub
Remove/Install chain
Remove/Replace pedals
Replace derailleur cable, conserving old housing
Install derailleur cable and housing
Replace brake cable, conserving old housing
Install brake cable and housing
Replace/install cassette
Replace/install freewheel
Replace/install rim-brake pads
Install bottom bracket
Install new brake, lever, housing & cable
Install new rear derailleur
Install new front derailleur
Install new derailleur/shifter component
Install new crank
Install new seat
Install computer
Install seatpost
Install grips
Clean bike frame, etc.
Clean drive train (on bike)
Clean drive train (remove)
Overhaul headset
Overhaul front hub
Overhaul rear hub
True wheel (laterally)
Replace spokes
Build new bike purchased from the internet

*** Costs for parts and replacement components not included in labor pricing ***

Pricing subject to change

Base Tune-up: $60

Bikes need a little TLC every now and then. I will clean your frame and components, de-grease your chain and re-lubricate it, then adjust the front and rear shifting, the rim brakes, the headset, the hubs and the bottom bracket. The Base Tune-up is a great opportunity to have some other work done too. Get reduced labor charges for installations and additional services when you add them on to a tune-up.

Bike Assembly: $60

Let me build that new bike you bought off the internet and get you on the road as soon as possible. Includes bike fitting.

The Works Tune-up: $120

If you’re a rider who gets the most out of your investment in a quality bike, you’ll need one of these periodically. I’ll pick up your bike, perform tune at my shop and then return it when completed. The Works Tune-up includes Basic tune up plus:

  • Complete bike cleaning including frame, wheels, rims and component group
  • Solvent wash the chain or replace your chain at no labor charge
  • Adjust brakes, shifters, derailleurs
  • True front and back rims
  • Lubricate chain, shifters, derailleurs and brakes
  • If needed grease bottom bracket, hubs and headset
Not all bikes will qualify for The Works which is dependent upon component age, condition, wear and tool availability.


“I have come across many bikes that the bike shop said needed hundreds of dollars of repairs and I was able to fix it quickly and without having to replace components. I have years of experience performing bike tune-ups/repairs and will provide the same quality customer service as you receive taking classes at the studio. Fixing bikes… fixing anything is fun and very satisfying to me. I love the challenge of repairing something broken and tuning it to the specifications like when it was new” ~ Joe

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Rather than just doing it for you, schedule two hours and I’ll give you hands-on instruction in tuning up and repairing your own bike. At the end of the process you’ll have applied the techniques required to maintain and adjust your bike and your ride will be running smoothly.

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