Mary Van Beusekom – Eden Prairie, Synapse Writing & Editing. I love the intensity and efficiency of cycling. It allows me, a busy mom of two, to burn a lot of calories, build strength, boost my cardiovascular endurance and relieve stress in just three hour-long workouts a week. That’s why I was delighted when CycleQuest Studio opened last fall. The group camaraderie, fun classes, high-tech studio and professional instructors keep me more motivated and focused than I could ever be on my own. I’m able to sign up online for classes and not stress out about whether I’ll have a bike. The bikes are top of the line, very easy to use and give you helpful, real-time feedback about your performance. The convenience of being able to park right next to the building and be on a bike within minutes is worth a lot to me, as is not having to pay for other gym services and facilities I’ll never use. The studio owners are onsite most of the time and very accessible, which is something you won’t experience at most gyms. They take pride in their studio and care about their clients —and it shows!    – Mary

Mary Jensen – Minneapolis, Caregiver for Clare Housing. “I found CycleQuest studios thru a Groupon this past winter.  I had done indoor cycling in the past, and was interested in starting it again.  I love the small, intimate feel of the studio.  Joe and Patty take the time to know their clients and give you the feeling that they really enjoy what they are doing!  I love the offerings of classes, no two classes are alike.  All of the instructors show their love of teaching, each bringing their own uniqueness to their classes.  The ease of online scheduling and purchasing packages is a plus!  The prices of classes and packages are reasonable. The Keiser state of the art indoor cycle bikes are easy to ride, comfortable, and provide excellent feedback while riding.  Thanks for bringing indoor cycle back into my life!  I look forward to each class I sign up for!”  – Mary

  Joe Steinfeld – Managing partner at ASK Financial LLP. “CycleQuest Studio is a dream come true for the indoor cyclist. We tried almost every health club to find decent spin classes with good instructors and top of the line equipment. Only CycleQuest has both. Also CycleQuest has flexible schedules often with several classes a day so you can find the right time to exercise. We couldn’t be more pleased.”  – Joe!

Kelly Lindahl – Chaska, Wells Fargo Bank, Co-owner of TC Running Company with Adam Lindahl. “I am a competitive swimmer, turned runner, who now participates in 1/2 marathons and marathons. Prior to 2010, my cross-training consisted of a few swims a month and some very basic core workouts. CycleQuest Studio has given me a wonderful alternative to running. I look forward to my cycle classes. I have seen improvement in both leg and core strength, which in turn has made me a stronger, faster runner. I am in the process of training for Grandma’s Marathon and CycleQuest classes will be apart of my training regiment all the way to race day. CycleQuest Studio has an energy that is reflected in the owners and instructors. They are passionate, not only about cycling, but about your fitness. This energy combined with top tier equipment and a wide variety of classes make CycleQuest Studio unique.”     – Kelly 
Jacob Sandry – Bloomington, 2010, TC Running Company, MN 1600 meter state track meet winner. I’m a runner. But I have learned over the past few years the importance of cross training to maintain and strengthen muscles that I’m not working on daily runs. In my experience with aerobic athletics I’ve found that many people are turned off by mundane independent activities that don’t hold their attention well enough to distract them from the difficulty of what they’re doing.  CycleQuest absolutely solves this problem. The instructors are talkative, fun and knowledgeable, but will force you to challenge yourself, the musical selection is energizing and the bikes are easy to use, work flawlessly (perfect transition from gear to gear, plus all relevant information) and allow you to train at whatever level you are at. I can get a challenging hour of training including aerobic and anaerobic work without any impact on my feet and legs so the next day I feel ready (and excited) to do it again. And its totally fun.     – Jacob  

Eric Feld – Eden Prairie, Starkey Labs. CycleQuest Studio is great. Their bikes are the nicest ones that I have used at any other club. They have flexible payment plans that are very affordable and do not lock you into long term committments. Their classes are available when you want to take them and they have great instructors who offer their unique approach to each class. Overall CycleQuest Studio has a nice friendly atmosphere where you feel welcome, and get a great workout.     – Eric 

Tony Jones – Ediina, Author/Theologian. “CycleQuest Studio offers spinning classes — two or three per day at this point.  I’ve gone a dozen times since they’ve opened, and I love it.  The instructors are great.  Each one has their own unique way of leading a class, so it’s not a cookie-cutter approach.  The music is great, and so is the community that’s forming in the studio.  Joe and Patti, the owners, are there almost all the time, and they’re super-friendly.  They’ll also help you set up your bike and help you our on your first class.  And the first class is free, so there’s nothing to lose!”  – Tony


Bob MacDonald – Minneapolis, Gassen Co. I am an older and avid bike rider but, when invited to a class, I had second thoughts about joining the younger generation to”spin.” My first class was challenging because it was so different than just riding a bike. Now I love. My body not so much 🙂 The instructors are great and no two classes are the same. Also, each class has its unique social dynamic. I’m the noisy one if you take the time to join us. I am also a weight watcher and “spinning” has helped me with the weight loss. If you are looking for the chance to join a diverse group of riders with different skills, I would encourage you to join us for a great workout. If you’ve never ridden a bike before you can still join us. the good news is that you can’t fall over. Thanks Patti and Joe for making this opportunity avaialble to us.     – Bob

Rob Williams – Minneapolis, Attorney – Private Practice. CycleQuest is a great find for anyone looking to get in shape or stay in shape during the cold, dark offseason or otherwise. Joe and his qualified and enthusiastic staff of cyclists, triathletes and fitness professionals make every session a challenge — and a blast. The equipment and facilities are top notch too…     -Rob

Kate Ehlen – Chicago. “Great instructors, fun environment and above all kicks your ass into shape! I have been an avid spin class goer for years, but before cycle quest I had not found a place devoted solely to spin. It is fantastic. There are multiple classes offered every day and you can sign up prior to class to ensure you get  a bike (as opposed to needing to get to class early to ensure your spot as at other places).  Anyone can give it a try for free so you know its good! Spin is such a phenomenal work out -especially for those with knee problems like me- and having quality classes available so often is noteworthy.

The instructors are very knowledgeable and helpful, They did great with new spinners as well as still challenging spin regulars like myself. Enjoyable music selections to keep you motivated (you can even email them song requests prior to class!) and cool videos playing on flat screens too. They also do special classes, some fun ones with themes or a bad-ass 2 hour ride -that leaves you feeling so accomplished. The prices are very reasonable. I did a month unlimited and noticed a huge difference after just 2 weeks -much more toned and trim. If you are experienced in spin, I recommend checking out Britta or Natalie’s class -tough but fun!

Everyone there is so friendly, the owners know every ones names and there is a really fun atmosphere growing within the studio. I had to move to Chicago for a job and after just taking class there for a little over a month, I felt like I was saying goodbye to a new group of friends. I am really jealous of those who can take class there!”  – Kate

Kirk Gassen – Owner Gassen Companies. “Wow…this place is awesome!  Clean, fun, great instructors and the equipment is top of the line!  If you are looking for a great winter workout this is the place to be!”  – Kirk

Mary Hughes – Edina. “Who would ever think spinning would be this much fun!  I love knowing that I can sign up on line, organize my week, know there is a bike for me when I get to class and then have instructors who both support and challenge me!  I highly recommend Cyclequest for both new bikers and those looking for a place to train.”   – Mary

Deb Bly – Edina. “I have been spinning in the Twin Cities for about 10 years.  CycleQuest Studio is the best!  The bikes are great, the people are great, the scheduling is easy, and the wide variety of instructors and class times is awesome!”  – Deb

Eric Nelson – Eden Prairie, Owner ERN CPA. “CycleQuest is without a doubt the best place to spin in the Twin Cities. I’ve been everywhere else. Don’t bother with them. It’s not just a place to ride. It’s a community that welcomes all levels. There’s a fun, social aspect to this studio and they’d love to meet you. Come see for yourself!”  – Eric

Brandy Folden –  Minneapolis. “I was an inexperienced spinner before trying out CycleQuest.  I had tried a few classes a few years ago through a regular gym that didn’t go very well and needless to say, I was a little intimated to hop on a bike again.  A friend talked me into trying out a class.  I was nervous but quickly relaxed once I got to the studio!  The instructor for my first class (Britta) was great and I had a one-on-one bike set up/tutorial from the studio’s owner (Joe).  The class was so much fun I forgot that I was working so hard!  I’ve been going regularly since that first class and continue to enjoy it.  Cardio is definitely my least favorite form of exercise but the music and ever-changing routines keep me coming back.  All of the instructors are very knowledgeable and motivating and continue to challenge me.  The studio space itself is great; the bikes are even better!  Changing resistance level is super smooth and it’s great to see all of your statistics (cadence, calories, watts, etc) right on the bike’s computer.  Your heart rate is even displayed on the screen if you are wearing a Polar HR monitor.  Another great way to keep you motivated!  I would definitely recommend CycleQuest to anyone looking for a dedicated spin studio–especially newbies!  The  non-intimidating environment and free first class make it an easy decision!”  – Brandy

Judy Jost – Minnetonka. “I always heard people talking about how indoor cycling is such a great workout but I was a little scared that I was not in good enough shape to do it until I went to CycleQuest. They offer beginners classes and emphasized that I can go at my own pace. The room atmosphere is dimly lit, comfortable and inviting vs a huge room with glaring lights joined by a large crowd of fellow cyclers.  The intimate atmosphere, teachers who know you by name, were eager to see me make it through my first class.  Having the large screen TV monitors and computers on the bike, really helped me see my own progress. When you can see progress, you want to keep up your fitness program. That’s why I like CycleQuest, it helps me keep going and they help me see my success! It’s more of a team CycleQuest, they make it fun and easy to get fit.” – Judy