Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create my user account and sign up for classes?

From the webpage click on one of the “Sign up for classes” links to take you to the CycleQuest Studio MindBody Online scheduling/purchasing application.

  1. Click on any of the “Sign up Now” buttons on the schedule.
  2. Enter you first and last name being “New to our Site” – Create Account.
  3. Contact Information – fill out all required fields.
  4. Your email address will be your login and then create password for yourself (password must include a number). Keep Opt-In checked to be on the studio mailing list which provides information on new classes, events and discounts. Your email address will stay private and will not be shared with anyone.
  5. Family Member information is not required.
  6. Studio Liability Release – read and put check in box to agree with the above terms. You will be required to physically sign the same waiver form your first time at the studio.
  7. Select “Create Account”.

Sign up for “Cycling First Class Free!” or purchase cycle class packages/unlimited monthly passes

  1. Select “Purchase Classes” tab.
  2. From menu bar under Online Store tab select “Series and Memberships”.
  3. Select “First Class Free” Series and then “Cycling First Class Free!″ Click “Make Purchase”.

Register for cycle classes

  1. Select the “Sign up for Cycle Classes” tab.
  2. Be sure to view the correct week you want to register for classes by selecting the calendar icon or using the arrows next to the “week” button.
  3. View the instructors pictures/bios by clicking their name.
  4. View more details of the class by clicking on the class description.
  5. Click “Sign Up Now!” to register for the class you want.
  6. Verify the class you are signing up for and select “Click here to make single reservation”.
  7. This will take you to the “My Schedule” screen where you can view/cancel the classes you have signed up for.

What do I do if I can’t make a class I signed up for?

If you have purchased a pack of classes and are unable to make it to a class that you registered for please early cancel out of that class (MindBody Online – My Schedule- Web Cancel). If you don’t early cancel, your account will be automatically debited for the class. You may early cancel online before the start of class, by calling the studio at 952.236.7691 or by emailing If you have a monthly unlimited pass and can’t make a class we still encourage you to early cancel for courtesy and so we know not to expect you.

*** New class cancellation policy starting 12/15/13 ***

 When a “full class” email is sent out cancellations must be done 12 hours prior to the start of class. This will allow those on the waitlist time to get notified and make plans to attend the class. If you early cancel less than 12 hours before the start of class then you will still be deducted the class from your account if you have a count package. If you have a monthly unlimited pass then your expiration date will be moved up three days early. No exceptions.

What is indoor cycling?

Indoor cycling (a.k.a. spinning) is a group fitness class using special stationary bikes and is led by an instructor who takes participants through different drills such as sprinting, climbing hills, changing pedal cadence and intensity. The instructor plays motivating upbeat music and challenges them as the class picks their own individual effort and intensity that best suits their fitness levels and goals. Some riders stay at an aerobic cardio pace to burn calories while others challenge themselves harder at time going at a higher anaerobic heart rate for high level strength or cardio training. Approximately 700-800 calories can be burned in an hour-long class, depending on the intensity of the individual. Indoor cycling became popular in the late 1990s and has seen steady growth at fitness clubs around world.

I’m new to indoor cycling, what should I expect for my first class?

The“Beginner” class that is offered Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30pm is an excellent class to start with as it is 45 minutes in length compared to the regular 60 minute classes. Be sure to show up 15 minutes early and tell the front desk and instructor this is your first class so you can be properly set up on the bike. Bring a towel and a water bottle as you will sweat and will need to stay hydrated during the workout. Remember, your first class is your own personal workout. Don’t try and keep up with those in class that may be riding faster or more intense, just keep good form and go at your own pace. If you plan on taking a shower after class or using the locker room be sure to bring your own towel.

Do I have to be in good shape for my first class?

Everybody has to start somewhere when beginning their fitness program and indoor cycling should create a lifestyle change that motivates you towards your fitness goals. You do not have to be in great shape for your first class, you just need to be motivated to work hard and want to be in great shape. The road to better fitness is a slow progression you need to stay consistent with working out week after week.

I want to get more serious about my indoor cycling classes. What special gear do I need?

Cycling shoes, cycling shorts and a heart rate monitor are very popular for those serious about indoor cycling. The shoes allow you to clip into the pedals and not lose any motion around the pedal stroke and especially while climbing out of the saddle. Cycling shorts are padded and make for being more comfortable in the seat, plus the Lycra material fits tight so there is no chafing from loose clothing while pedaling. A heart rate monitor consists of a transmitter worn around your chest and a watch that receives the heart rate signal and displays the different output data. It allows you to view you current heart rate during your workout so you can better understand your cardio intensity at any given time while exercising. These monitors display current, average and maximum heart rate and some even count calories and can download the data to your computer.

What are the differences in cycle instructor styles?

Every instructor will have their own distinct personality and teaching style. By taking classes from different instructors at the CycleQuest Studio you will quickly find who are your favorites. Each individual instructor’s fitness education, athletic backgrounds and indoor cycling experience determines their own communication style, the drills they use, the level of intensity they inspire and techniques used to motivate the class to each individual’s potential. Some instructors have the experience of many years of teaching different types of aerobic group fitness classes, some are outdoor road or mountain bike riders, others have for years taken indoor cycle classes as a participant, and there are those whose experience are a combination of the three. All have a passion for motivating, inspiring and connecting with people in a group class setting and getting them to push their hardest to reach their own individual fitness goals.

What are the rules in the studio that should be followed?

  • While class is in session be respectful of others around you by keeping your conversations with friends quiet and to a minimum. Loud talking when others in the class are listening for queues from the instructor are very distracting. This doesn’t mean you can’t express excitement when the music or instructor pumps you up and motivates you to push harder!
  • When you register for a class you are guaranteed a bike in the studio and which can be claimed on a first come first serve basis by placing your towel, water bottle or other personal items on the bike or underneath it. Once you have done that you can leave the bike or studio to come back when the class officially starts.
  • You can show up late or leave early. You paid for the class and are entitled to start and stop participating in the class when you want. If you class is full you will have until 5 minutes after the class start to claim a bike or it will be given to a waiting customer unless you contact us letting us know you will be slightly late.  The door into the cycle studio will not get closed when class starts. Everybody has a busy schedule and CycleQuest Studio respects your own time commitments.
  • Wipe down your bike when you finish the class. This involves using the wall mounted paper towels and anti-bacterial soap to wipe off the handlebars, seat, bike frame and floor under the bike.

What do I do if the instructor asks the class to perform a drill on the bike that causes pain or doesn’t seem to benefit me in reaching my own individual fitness goal?

This is one of those topics that are very sensitive to discuss directly with the instructor. You know your own body better than the instructor. If a certain drill causes you pain somewhere, then don’t do it. Think about how the drill is supposed to benefit you, and if you don’t think it will, then substitute the drill with a modified drill that is legitimately going to benefit your training. This can be done respectfully and all CycleQuest Studio instructors will understand that you have the choice to do your own personal workout in the group class setting, as long as you are not disrupting the class. After class ask the instructor what the purpose of the drill is and if there is a substitute drill that can be used.