Third Annual Tour de Cure Burnathon Fundraiser at CycleQuest Studio March 22nd

by admin on February 23, 2014

Tour de Cure 2014

  • Try an indoor cycling class for the first time
  • Start your training program to get in shape for the May 31 Tour de Cure bike ride
  • Sign up to ride Tour De Cure and start fundraising now
  • Get ready for your first spring ride
  • Get in a fun calorie burning workout and donate to the great cause of the American Diabetes Association
  • Find out how much fun spinning can be!

Burnathon 2014

Join us Saturday 3/22/14 for the third annual Tour de Cure Burnathon fundaiser which challenges participants to keep 34 spin bikes in constant motion for 6 hours. Come participate in a fun day at CycleQuest Studio that will include free refreshments, snacks and raffle prizes. Those that are not registering for the Saturday May 31st Tour de Cure bike ride can spin for an hour shift for a $20 donation. Those riding the Tour de Cure can participate in one class for every $50 fundraised with the money raised counting toward the participant’s Twin Cities Tour de Cure fundraising minimum. If you have not already joined a fundraising team be sure to join Team CycleQuest to pool our donations together. Contact Joe at for more information on registering for a fundraising class or Jen Oss at or 888-DIABETES x6783 for more info on the Tour de Cure bike ride.

The first four Burnathon classes between 9am and 1pm are led by an instructor. The last two classes are “bring your own bike and trainer” or ride a Keiser indoor cycling bike and are not led by and instructor, but will enjoy Tour de France and Sufferfest videos with the commentary turned up.


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If registered for the Twin Cities Tour De Cure on May 31, participants earn an hour of ‘free’ spinning at the burn-a-thon for every $50 raised PRIOR TO March 22.  ($200 minimum fund raising for all riders by May 31. . .start fundraising early!)

  • If participants want to spin and support the American Diabetes Association but are not participating in Tour De Cure, a $20 donation to the ADA on the day of the event earns one hour of spinning
  • Those participants of the Burnathon taking their first class at CycleQuest Studio will receive an additional ‘free’ class on a different visit as a new customer.
  • Not registering for the Tour de Cure? The funds donated to the ADA at the Burnathon event will not count towards the individual donor’s fundraising minimum should they decide to sign up for the Tour de Cure at a later date.




Join Team CycleQuest

Team CycleQuest raised $7,935 in 2011, $12,772 in 2012 and $18,600 in 2013 for the American Diabetes Association by fundraising to ride in the annual Tour de Cure bike ride . The TdC this year will be on Saturday May 31st and has many ride routes up to a full 100 miles century. Even if you plan on fundraising with a different team come and participate in the Burnathon which is the perfect event to ride with your team members during these cold winter months. Ride for 1 hour, 2 hours or up to 6 hours which is the equivalent to riding a 100 miles century. There is no better indoor endurance event this winter to challenge yourself to test your fitness. Even if you are not looking to ride many hours on the bike you can come to the studio, donate towards this great cause and get in a fun calorie burning workout.

How do I register to participate in the Burnathon?

To register for the Burnathon on Saturday January 19th go to MindBody Online and click on the “Sign up for Cycle Classes” tab in the calendar schedule and go forward to the week of 3/22 and click the “Sign Up” button to register for the class(es) you want to take. Class registration is free but the donation will be collected at the front desk of the studio on your arrival. If you are new to CycleQuest studio you can use your First Class Free at a later date.

New customersOnline account creation is required and can be done using the instructions at this link –

Do I have to join a team to participate in the Tour de Cure ride?

No, you can do a regular individual registration and do the ride, but if you want to get connected with other riders and have your donations pooled together in a team effort then there are many Tour de Cure teams to choose from. If you are associated with CycleQuest Studio then join Team CycleQuest from your Tour page. We’d love to have you onboard and train with us in the studio and on the road.

If I am planning on riding the Tour de Cure do I have to raise the donations now and take part in the Burnathon?

No, but why not take care of the fundraising early and take some free indoor cycling classes at CycleQuest Studio this Saturday!

Where can I get more information about the Tour de Cure bike ride?

The American Diabetes Association organizes the ride that starts Saturday morning May 31st at Minnehaha Falls and has many routes the goes west past Lake Minnetonka and east through downtown St. Paul. A $200 minimum fundraising fee is required to participate. 2014 Twin Cities Tour de Cure bike event click here. Conact Jen Oss at or 888-DIABETES x6783.

If you are not able to participate in the Burnathon but would like to contribute to the cause you can donate towards Team CycleQuest’s fundraising goals.



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