2013 Fall “Pedal off the Pounds” Weight Loss Challenge starts 10/21/13

by admin on October 10, 2013

 Join Jill Neubauer for CycleQuest Studio’s 7th edition of the Pedal Off the Pounds weight loss challenge. The change of season is happening now and there is no better time to make the commitment to take control of your health and shed the weight you have been struggling to lose on your own.

  • Have you been unsuccessful losing weight on your own?
  • Do you need help staying motivated with keeping a healthy diet and getting regular exercise?
  • Are all of the other weight loss programs you heard about too expensive for your budget?
  • Do you feel more comfortable joining a weight loss program at a facility you are familiar with and trust?

If you anwered YES to any of these questions then the “Pedal Off the Pounds” weight loss challenge is for you.

The next 8 week weight loss challenge will start Sunday October 21st and will be coached by CycleQuest Studio cycle and fitness instructor Jill Neubauer of NeuLife Wellness. Cost is $275 and discounted to $250 if you sign up with a friend. This edition continues to offer 2 months of unlimited cycle and strength/core classes and excellent nutrition/fitness coaching by Jill.

Jill-Neubauer-220x300You can join the challenge by going to MindBody Online and purchasing the “Weight Loss Challenge October 2013″. For more information contact joe@cyclequeststudio.com or jill@neulifewellness.com.
To learn more about Jill visit her website here – www.neulifewellness.com and see the weight loss challenge promotional video here:

“Pedal off the Pounds” Weight Loss Challenge details
  • Pre and Post TestingIncludes before and after photos, weight, and body composition.
  • Unlimited Cycling/Strength ClassesValid for 2 months. ($150 value)
  • Personalized Nutrition CoachingIncludes two private sessions and weekly correspondence with Jill.
  • End-of-Challenge RewardTop percentage body fat loss finisher will receive a 5 class cycle pass compliments of CycleQuest Studio. ($65 value)
  • Improved Health and FitnessBy committing to this challenge, you can expect to see dramatic improvements in your energy levels and physique. On average, participants should expect an average weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week.
  • Minimum of 6 participants needed to run the challengeA maximum of 10 participants will be accepted to effectively run the challenge.
Kick off meeting with Jill and all participants will be on Sunday, October 21st 12pm at CycleQuest Studio.
(If signing up with a friend contact Joe for the promotional code for the discount)

Weight Loss Challenge Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What is the purpose of the 8 week Pedal off the Pounds challenge?

A.  The purpose of this 8 week weight loss program is about losing weight, improving overall health, meeting new friends and having fun!  We are also here to motivate, educate, and support you as you work towards your goals.

Q.  How will the winner be determined?

A.  The winner will be determined by the greatest percent of body fat lost from the start of the challenge to the end of the 2 month later on Sunday October 4th . Prize is a 5 pack of classes at CycleQuest Studio.

Q.  How many nutrition workshops/presentation will there be?

A.  There will be one nutrition presentation/workshop over the course of the challenge.  You will also have unlimited e-mail support with Jill throughout the challenge.

Q.  How many cycle and strength classes per week should I be expected to attend to get the best weight loss results?

A.  This depends on your own personal schedule and how dedication you will be to get the weight loss and fitness improvement results you are looking for. 2-3 cycle classes a week will give you a significant calorie count deficit, and 1-2 strength classes a week will help gaining muscle strength and toning. Controlling your diet will be a major factor in how much weight you will lose per week.

Q.  How many strength/core classes are offered during the challenge?

A.   You will be able to sign up for any of the 3 strength/core classes offered every week during the challenge. See schedule in MindBody Online for strength class dates/times and instructor.

Q.  What if I decide I don’t have enough time for the challenge and want a refund?

A.  No refunds will be given after payment is received. If the minimum of 6 participants is not reached then full refunds will be given to all those that signed up.

Q.  What happens if there are less than 6 participants that join the challenge?

A.  If there are less than 6 participants that sign up for the challenge than full refunds will be given to those that signed up.

Q.  How long will I have unlimited access to cycling, bootcamp, and strength training classes?

A. Your Pedal Off the Pounds payment will give you unlimited access to cycle or strength classes for 2 months. Activation date will start on the day of the first cycle or strength class taken.

Q.  What if I already have a monthly unlimited pass or a count package that is still active when the challenge starts?

A. You will still receive a 2 month unlimited Cycle/Bootcamp pass that will activate after your current pass expires or is used up.

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