2 hour endurance classes every other Saturday starting December 7th

by admin on December 5, 2013

CycleQuest 040613-48

Test your endurance – if you’ve been wanting to take your indoor cycling to the next level this class will allow you to burn more calories and extend your workout on the bike. Keep your endurance – if you’ve kept a high level of training through the end of summer then take advantage of this class offering and get a longer, more intense workout then you can get by yourself. Don’t let the cold outside weather stop you from staying in top shape! 3 instructors will be providing motivating music and guiding you through intervals, sprints and hills for 40 minutes each.
This is the most popular class on the schedule so be sure to sign up early and keep in mind the Waitlist option in MindBody Online is available when the class is full. A 7:30am 60 minute cycle class has been added to precede the 2 hour classes which is a great option to still get in a Saturday morning workout when the 2 hour is full or do both classes and get in over a 3 hour cycling ride!

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